Live Additive Manufacturing Quality Control

Simplifying Additive Manufacturing Inspection



Make your Layer Camera Data Actionable.
Stop wasting money on bad parts.


LAMQC: Approaching Go / No Go Simplicity

Use Existing Sensors

Make full use of your layer camera images
No hardware to purchase, maintain or install

Notify Operators of Build Issues

Anomaly specific, customizable build limits.
LAMQC provides Run Charts, Control Charts and solid models of anomaly types to make decisions from

Create Build Report

Inspect every part, on every build every time.
Build Report created automatically for each build

“LAMQC tells us if the build is acceptable and documents the quality of every part on every build.

If the build is not acceptable, the anomaly solid models on the build file gives me the information I need to disposition each part.”

LAMQC for Prototypes

Runs in Real-Time
Run Chart and Solid Model Anomalies
Highlights BUILD quality
4 general anomaly types

LAMQC for Production

Runs in Real-Time
Control Chart and Solid Model Anomalies
Highlights PART quality
5 part specific anomaly types

LAMQC Historical

Run After Build Completed
Make your old layer-camera images actionable

Build Anomalies, on your build file

LAMQC creates solid models of the anomalies on your build to be superimposed on your build file.

Know the type of anomaly, the size and location of every anomaly on your build.

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